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Built like a house

With a team of exceptionally skilled trades and suppliers for each and every stage of the build, we build your garage like a house, not a DIY box store kit.


Average 6 day build time

The majority of our builds take less than a week making us one of the most proficient garage builders in the city.

Higher Standards

Our standard specs are better

Do your own research and compare, you'll see that most often our standard specs are a step above many of our competitors.


We build A LOT of garages

We build A LOT of garages!  Check out our Facebook page and you'll see a new completion or two just about every week.  There's few other builders in Edmonton that can claim the same.


We keep our schedules

Once we've signed a contract, your start and completion dates are locked in.  Because we refuse to overextend ourselves, we rarely miss a start date and our completions are often even a few days earlier than our contracts allow.


We'll be there

Save for the occasional day of torrential rain or hurricane like winds, pretty much nothing stops us from keeping pace and ensuring your build gets done on time.


Questions answered NOW

When you hire us, you'll deal directly with Nic, the owner, at each and every step.  There's no sales people, no agents or liaisons, and certainly no need to bushwhack through a bunch of red tape for quick and easy answers to your questions


The best reviews in Edmonton

Why take our word for it?  Check out our reviews on Facebook and Google and we're certain you'll see all these points and our claim to be one of the best garage builders in Edmonton echoed by our previous customers.


Professional trades

The majority of our team have 10 to 20+ years experience working on projects ranging from garage building to custom homes and even commercial builds.


100% focused on you

We work exclusively for homeowners and never schedule more than one or two projects at once.  This way you get our full attention, and never have to worry about our focus being shared with a bunch of other customers or corporate clients.


We're extremely organized

We use just-in-time logistics for our deliveries.  This means our materials, from lumber, to shingles, to siding, etc, aren't delivered all at once but rather 'just in time' for their installation.  This ensures a clean and organized site and reduces the risk of damage prior to installation.


Stress-free from start to finish

We'll make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.  We'll handle all the permits, inspections, and clean up when we're done.  You don't have to lift a finger!


We've got you covered

Our contracts are thorough.  From construction specs to time-frame, warranty to payments, and schedules to change orders, everything is documented in detail so we know what to deliver and you know what to expect.  No napkin-back promises here!


No hidden fees... ever!

The price we quote you is the price we put in the contract is the price you pay!  There's never any hidden costs or undisclosed fees.*

Commitment to WOW

Why settle for just okay?

At the end of the day, we want YOU to be happy.   With every aspect of the construction process, right down to the smallest detail, we always strive to go over and above in both our work and service.

*Most quotes are valid for 30 days from time of issue unless otherwise specified.

“He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his HANDS and his HEAD and his HEART is an Artisan.”


- St. Francis of Assisi

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