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Standard SPECS and OPTIONS

The following highlights some of our standard specs and available options.

For a more detailed list, please contact us.

Appealing Detail

Garages come standard with painted 8" SmartTrim with keystone detail around the overhead door, and 4" SmartTrim around the mandoor.

Edmonton Garage Trim

Matching Colors

Garages come standard with siding, soffit and fascia, and shingles to match your house (premium colors available as an upgrade).

Edmonton Garage Colors

Overhead Door

Garages come standard with a 16x7' T12 Thermocraft insulated overhead door, and a 1/2 HP LiftMaster chain drive opener with built in Wi-Fi and two remotes and an exterior keypad.

Edmonton Garage Overhead Door and Opener


Garages come standard with 5" continuous eavestrough matching your house.

Edmonton Garage Eavestrough

Building Wrap

Garages come standard with a full Tyvek wrap with tuck taped joints.

Edmontn Garage Tyvek


Garages come standard with engineered trusses including specialized gable trusses, 2x10 window and door lintels, and an optional 9.5X3.5" TimberStrand engineered beam.

Edmonton Garage Engineering

Laminated Shingles

Garages come standard with laminated (also called architectural) shingles carrying a limited lifetime warranty, and lasting much longer than cheaper 3-tab shingles.

Edmonon Garage Shingles

Insulation & Drywall

Garages can be upgraded to include full insulation and drywall.

Edmonton Garage Builder Insulation ad Drywall

Attic Storage

Garages can be upgraded to include attic storage with a 3/4" T&G OSB floor (same as in your house).  

Edmnonon Garage Attic Storage

Vaulted Ceilings

Garages can be upgraded to include vaulted ceilings for extra head room.

Edmonton Garage Vaulted Ceiling

4:12 Slope Roof

Garages come standard with a 4:12 sloped roof.

Basic garage roof

Door and Window

Garages come standard with a 36" (oversized) mandoor, and our standard 36x48" dual paned sliding window. 

Edmonton Garage Door and Window


Garages come standard with 2 interior keyless lighs with LED bulbs, 4 interior plugs (plus opener plug), 3 exterior lights with LED lights, and 2 exterior weatherproof plugs.  Additional lights on a separate switch in attic spaces can be included as an upgrade.

Edmonton Garage Electrical

Gable Vents

Garages come standard with a 12x12" vinyl attic vent and two roof top vents for proper ventilation.

Garage ventilation


Garages come standard with 4x1/2" concrete anchors every 8', drilled into your pad or curb.

Edmonton Garage Anchors

7/16" OSB

Garages come standard with 7/16" OSB on both the walls and roof.

Edmonton Garage Structure

Synthetic Underlay

Garages come standard with RhinoRoof, a synthetic underlay beneath the shingles.

Edmonton Garage Roof Underlay

Steeper Roofs

Garages can be upgraded to include steeper roof slopes.  See our roof slope guide for examples.

Edmonton Garage Roof Slopes

Attic Ladders

Garages with attic storage can be upgraded to include a metal attic ladder with an insulated panel.

Edmonton Garage Attic Ladder
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