Please be aware that, as we transition to focus exclusively on garages, N.P. Artisan will NO LONGER BE OFFERING DECK CONSTRUCTION as of Jan 1, 2021.

Edmonton Deck Builder - Deck

As a deck builder N.P. Artisan specializes in the following types of decks:

  • Pressure Treated (choice of green or brown)

  • Cedar


Unless otherwise requested, decks come standard with:

  • Construction grade steel screw piles​

  • Laser Leveled to ensure accuracy

  • 4x4 posts for railing, lagged and reinforced

  • Black powder-coated metal ballusturs in railing

  • 2x4 trim to cover board ends for a finished look


Each deck is designed specifically to reflect your vision and budget and this is where I put my experience and creativity to work.  We'll discuss various options and I'll use my insight and expertise to help you determine the perfect solution.

  • Design ideas and recommendations

  • Customized designs unique to your home

  • 3D models for non-standard designs

  • Multi-level designs

  • Optional skirting (enclosed underneath)

  • Optional picture framing or diagonal boards

  • Privacy fences/railing

  • Acquisition of building and development permits

4x4 Posts / Metal Ballusters
Edmonton Deck Builder - Skirting
3D Models
Laser Leveled
Edmonton Deck Builder - Custom
Picture Frame / Diagonal Boards
Brown Pressure Treated
Edmonton Deck Builder - Brown PT
Detailed Trimwork
Edmonton Deck Builder - Detailed Trimwork
Edmonton Deck Builder - Pergolas
Edmonton Deck Builder - Cedar
Privacy Fences
Edmonton Deck Builder - Privacy
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